Cyber / Privacy Liability

Protecting Your Online Identity and Assets

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“There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”

Former FBI Director Rober Mueller recently told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that cyber-threats are poised to surpass terrorism as the country’s top concern. According to Mueller, traditional insurance policies do not adequately protect against many of these exposures. Consider the following:

Leaking of Sensitive Information
Working in a “paperless” environment increases the potential for unauthorized individuals to gain access to sensitive documents that once would have been locked away. Customer and employee records are at risk; a breach can subject firms to litigation, as well as remediation costs — including government mandated notifications, fines and penalties. These risks may be insured through a Cyber Privacy Policy.

Hacking and Denial of Service
Rogue individuals, or even employees, may gain access to your system and render it inoperable. A Cyber Privacy Policy can cover the resulting loss of income, and related expenses.

The Web
Certain common activities such as writing a blog, participating in an on-line forum, or general on-line business transactions may have only limited, if any, coverage under a standard commercial liability policy. A Cyber Privacy Policy supplements and fills these gaps.

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