Due Diligence Consulting Services

Keeping Mergers & Acquisitions On Track and Secure

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Professionals who are regularly engaged in the business of acquiring companies recognize that these investments present both towering opportunities and looming threats. To mitigate the risks, these professionals thoroughly review critical areas of the acquisition target’s business. This process often includes a review of their insurance. This is where Owens Group comes in.

Owens Group regularly evaluates insurance programs as they relate to investments and acquisitions. Our clients believe that an insurance review is critical because they know that the future prospects of even the best-managed and fastest-growing company can be destroyed by an uninsured or inadequately insured loss.

Owens Group regularly provides due diligence consulting services to our clients,
and will seek to identify:

  • Insurance-related issues that may lead to significant changes in the cost, structure or desirability
    of a proposed transaction
  • Potential risks and exposures
  • Coverage deficiencies and limitations
  • Underinsured and uninsured areas
  • Claims trends
  • Problem claims
  • Significant or unusual insurance costs

Owens Group will provide benchmarking of the target company’s insurance program against comparable companies. These are frequently requested in order to:

  • Provide feedback on the adequacy and comparative cost of the acquisition target’s insurance program
  • Compare coverage strategies against peer businesses
  • Seek options and alternatives for the post-acquisition insurance program

Owens Group will also review the insurance provisions in the acquisition target’s agreements. In performing these reviews, Owens Group will:

  • Review the insurance requirements contained within leases and contracts with vendors and customers
  • Work with lenders and other third parties
  • Suggest necessary language changes and identify compliance issues
  • Prepare and/or review insurance-related documents and certificates

At the conclusion of our review, Owens Group will present its client with a detailed written report containing its findings.