Multiple Risks and
Multiple Generations

Family Offices & Private Trusts: The Protection You Need

Today’s family offices and private trusts are complex organizations that engage in a vast assortment of activities. Professionals at family offices and trusts are expected to excel at a wide variety of tasks that often include identifying, sourcing and managing investments; tax and estate planning; foundation oversight and management; and risk management. This means that family offices and private trusts — and the professionals who manage their assets and activities — face a wide and ever-changing array of risks. These risks often cut across the traditional boundaries that divide personal insurance from commercial insurance, requiring a unique understanding of the family, the businesses and their related exposures.

Owens Group has been working with family offices and trusts for decades. We understand the concerns and challenges that confront these enterprises, and the particular needs of the members involved. Owens Group works with each client in a collaborative manner to tailor insurance solutions to meet the specific and unique needs of their organization.

Given the personalized service that we, at Owens Group, provide, our relationships often deepen as we learn the intricacies of an enterprise and the family behind it. We seek to develop long-term relationships so that, by understanding the purpose and mission of each organization, we can protect current needs and anticipate future challenges. We are here to provide expertise, and to serve the greater purpose of your family offices or private trust.

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