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Business Insurance: A Partnership You Can Rely On

Owens Group provides its clients with the best attributes of a smaller firm, such as personalized service and direct access to management, along with the professionalism, practice area expertise and general capabilities of a much larger firm.

Our approach to developing an insurance program for our clients is consultative. We seek to meet with each client to develop an understanding of your business and risk profile, and then work closely with key personnel to develop and implement an insurance strategy that meets your company’s needs and objectives. Each element of the company risk profile is reviewed to identify the potential impact to ongoing operations. Our goal is to develop a complete risk management plan that will provide you with an understanding of your insurance portfolio, and will instill confidence that all areas of exposure have been addressed with economically sound choices.

Long-Term Relationships, Expertise Distinguish Us

Bucking the trend of consolidation in our industry, Owens Group remains a family-owned and family-managed firm. We maintain strong relationships with the insurance industry’s most respected and financially stable insurers, and can secure coverage for our clients from virtually any reputable provider in the marketplace. This access allows us to identify competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of unique risks. Owens Group is licensed in almost every state in the US and the District of Columbia, and settles claims worldwide.

While Owens Group has insured the contracts of an Olympic gold medal winner and the hands of an international concert pianist, most of our clients fit into more conventional areas, such as financial services firms, importers/exporters, software and technology firms, manufacturers, real estate investors, developers and managers, and cooperative and condominium associations.

Our Commercial Insurance division follows developments in the industry closely, and has proven expertise with the vast array of policies available to the business community.

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