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Cyber/Privacy Liability: Protecting Your Data and Assets

Cyber/Privacy Liability: Protecting Your Data and Assets

“There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller recently told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that cyber-threats are poised to surpass terrorism as the country’s top concern. According to Mueller, traditional insurance policies do not adequately protect against many of these exposures. Consider the following:

  • Leaking of Sensitive Information
    Working in a “paperless” environment increases the potential for unauthorized individuals to gain access to sensitive documents that once would have been locked away. Customer and employee records are at risk; a breach can subject firms to litigation, as well as remediation costs — including government-mandated notifications, fines and penalties. These risks may be insured through a Cyber Privacy Policy.
  • Hacking and Denial of Service
    Rogue individuals, or even employees, may gain access to your system and render it inoperable. A Cyber Privacy Policy can cover the resulting loss of income, and related expenses.
  • The Web
    Certain common activities such as writing a blog, participating in an on-line forum, or general on-line business transactions may have only limited, if any, coverage under a standard commercial liability policy. A Cyber Privacy Policy supplements and fills these gaps.

Download and return our Cyber Privacy Questionnaire or contact us for more information.

Documentary/Industrial/Commercial/Educational/DICE: Lights, Camera…Accident?

The acronym D.I.C.E. stands for Documentary, Industrial, Commercial and Educational. This is a specialty policy for the Entertainment & Production industry which covers: the cast; film, negatives and faulty stock; digital masters and working files; props; sets; wardrobe; cameras and equipment; property owned by third parties; office contents; additional miscellaneous equipment; excess expenses; liability arising from vehicles.

Event Cancellation: Insuring Your Events, Providing Peace of Mind

An Event Cancellation policy is a specialty product available to protect against risks associated with the disruption or cancellation of a special event. Circumstances that may be insured against include power failure, damage to a leased or rented venue, weather, or the non-appearance of a key speaker or entertainer.

Owens Group can identify a policy that will appropriately cover your event.

Family Office Professional Liability: Protecting Multiple Generations & Multiple Risks

Family Office Professional Liability insurance provides a professional who manages family offices with protection against mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duties claims. The policy can be expanded to include coverage for Employment Practices Liability, Private Company Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, and Outside Directorship Liability.

Coverage can be written for single- or multi-family offices.

Intellectual Property: Preserving Your Intellectual Assets

Intellectual Property insurance covers first-party or third-party risk of loss arising from the holding of patents and copyrights. First-party coverage protects an organization or individual from financial loss due to infringement upon its own patents and copyrights by others. Third-party coverage protects an organization or individual when it inadvertently infringes upon the patents or copyrights of another party.

Kidnap & Ransom: Protecting What’s Most Important

Kidnap & Ransom is a specialized form of crime coverage for reimbursement of financial loss associated with an actual or threatened kidnap, detention, or damage to property. Coverage includes access to professional consultants and negotiators with the skills and resources to aid the crisis toward resolution.

Political Risk: Protecting Your Interests In An Unpredictable World

Political Risk policies provide coverage for financial loss to an organization due to a political crisis, or similar conditions, in a specified country, which result in disrupted operations or other related forms of lost revenue.

Situations that Political Risk insurance covers includes:

  • Revolution
  • Civil unrest
  • Government confiscation of assets
  • Breach of contract, due to uncertainty or insecurity in an area of political upheaval

Product Recall: Protection For Mandatory or Voluntary Recall

Provides coverage for the expenses related to recalling a product from the marketplace. Coverage can be expanded to include Loss of Income and/or Repair and Replacement of the product. In that product recalls can be voluntary or involuntary, it is important to review the coverage trigger; insurance policies differ on this issue.

Repatriation: Coming Home

Insurance covering reasonable and necessary costs associated with returning a citizen to their home country during a medical crisis or after their death.

Non-Appearance Cast Insurance

Provides broad coverage for cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption, curtailment or relocation of any insured event as a result of the non-appearance of any key person. This includes performers, artists in the entertainment industry including rock, pop, theatre or opera singers and many others.  Coverage is available for an individual event, a tour, or on an annual basis. You have the option of insuring only your expenses or your gross income potential.

Real Estate

Since its founding in 1957, Owens Group has specialized in providing insurance to all facets of the real estate industry. We insure residential, commercial, warehouse and office properties throughout the New York City area, and nationwide. Owens Group is licensed in – and practices in – many other cities and states. Locally, we are especially active in providing coverage for cooperatives and condominium associations.

Our long experience in the field allows us to answer client questions promptly and knowledgeably. We are usually able to anticipate claims issues before they arise, and advise our clients on ways to reduce exposure to risk. With access to the major real estate insurers, Owens Group is able to create broad insurance programs at competitive premiums.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation and assessment.


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