Protect Against
Today’s On-Line Threats

Safeguard Your Family’s Cyber Footprint

From phone scams, to hacking techniques cyber criminals use, to fraudulently gaining access to personal identity information for financial gain, to the rise of cyber bullying in today’s social media environment, individuals and families are increasingly at greater risk of being targeted. High net worth individuals are particularly vulnerable to ransomware by cyber criminals asking for money in exchange to unlock one’s computer and wire fraud scams through phishing emails that appear to come from trustworthy, known organizations. Cyber insurance protection steps in to provide the coverages and additional services needed in the event of a loss.

What’s Covered Under Cyber Insurance

Owens Group can provide you with Cyber insurance coverages, including:

  • Fraud Coverage: Reimburses you for financial loss due to fraud, on- or off-line.
  • Data Restoration: Covers the expenses to restore data and remove malware after a family’s or individual’s data has been hacked.
  • Cyber Extortion: Reimburses any money paid by you or a family member in the event your computer is hacked and a cyber criminal demands ransom in exchange for releasing your data.
  • Cyber Reputational Management: Should a cyber attack negatively impact your or your family’s reputation, coverage will pay for the cost of services provided by a crisis management or PR team.
  • Cyberbullying: Covers the cost of related expenses should a family member become a victim of cyberbullying, including psychiatric services, professional digital forensic analysis to assist in prosecution, lost salary due to wrongful termination, PR services and other costs.

Our carrier partners also offer resources to help you prevent losses, and provide specialized cyber security experts to handle claims for high net worth individuals.

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