Assuring Protection
For Your
Highly Valued Assets

The Value of Insurance For Your Valuables

Over the years, you’ve collected valuable items that may include family heirlooms and items of significant worth. Yet certain property such as fine art, jewelry, furs, antiques, coin collections, silver and wine collections are not fully covered under standard homeowners or renters policies. Owens Group offers policies that are specifically tailored for these types of assets, and we can help you determine whether a blanket or scheduled limit is right for you. The values are usually determined by current appraisals, or bills of sale.

Extra Coverage for Your Valuables

Valuables insurance can be designed to include:

  • Itemized coverage for each item as well as pairs, sets, and collections
  • Protection against breakage of especially fragile items
  • Coverage for newly purchased items
  • Worldwide protection

We recommend purchasing “Valued At” coverage, in most cases, so that you not only pay for a specific amount of coverage on a particular item, but you also receive the exact amount specified in the event of a claim. Under this type of coverage, there is no deductible for losses — and almost all risks of physical loss, even mysterious disappearance, are covered.

Vault Coverage

Reduced rate insurance for high-value items stored in a bank vault.

Fine Art Collections

Special coverage and pricing for a large schedule of artwork and/or high-value pieces. We can assist with collection management and related needs.

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