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Today’s environment in which many individuals are accumulating greater wealth and more assets requires not only the expertise of a wealth advisor but also an insurance partner who can ensure that the property and casualty insurance program in place adequately reflects the assets at risk. Owens Group has been working with wealth advisors for decades, providing thorough assessments of clients’ exposures and ensuring that their insurance programs truly fit their lifestyle while also nimble enough to address any changes. Whether you’re accumulating wealth or heading into the pre-retirement phase, we are poised to review important insurance issues to uncover coverage gaps and inefficient protection.

The Need for Insurance Expertise

High net worth families accumulate valuable possessions, including custom-built homes,
vacation homes, and collections such as wine; travel internationally; sit on the boards of nonprofits; and employ help at home. As a result, they face diverse risks that change as their assets grow. Oftentimes, the coverage they initially purchase is not revisited as the years go and may not be reflective of their current risk profile.

At Owens Group, we get to know each of our clients well, working with their wealth advisor and asking the right questions to continually manage one’s risks. For example, we will determine whether a client’s home insurance covers full replacement value, how well an auto policy’s liability coverage has been designed to respond to protect one’s assets, and if valuables such as jewelry and artwork are properly insured with separate or extended coverage. Other areas where gaps are typically uncovered among high net worth clients include the lack of flood insurance as well as the lack of employment practices liability insurance to cover workplace disputes with domestic workers.

On the flip side, some individuals may have low deductibles although they never have had a loss or accident and are paying too much for coverage. They may prefer to pay out-of-pocket for minor accidents to lower their premium and better reflect their risk tolerance. Others may be missing out on loss prevention credit and package discounts offered by insurers.

Our objective at Owens Group is to optimize your insurance program to better safeguard
assets and drive better results over time.

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