Planning For
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Travel Insurance For Wherever You Go

Travel insurance offers a variety of coverages on a per-trip or an annual basis, making available specific resources to help ease your journey and provide you with peace of mind.

Plans may include coverage for basic travel needs such as trip interruption or cancellation, lost or stolen baggage and access to medical care abroad; as well as for more complex circumstances such as an emergency evacuation, the replacement of a passport, suffering a serious injury or illness, or the financial default of a travel supplier.

Cancel for Any Reason coverage is available as an upgrade; however, it is only available in certain states, and criteria must be met to be eligible for this coverage. Pre-existing Conditions coverage is also available, providing your travel policy is booked within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date.

Perks of Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance policy includes the assistance of travel counselors, who are available to help with items such as:

  • Physician/hospital/dental/vision referrals
  • Return travel arrangements
  • Transfer of medical records
  • Lost passport or baggage
  • ATM or currency exchange locator
  • Currency conversion/purchase
  • Language interpretation assistance
  • Identity theft services
  • Roadside assistance
  • Concierge services, which include: booking rental vehicles, restaurant referrals and reservations, adjusting hotel or lodging accommodations

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