Giving Back… New Pro Bono program for non-profits

Speaking of donations, we believe that charity can begin at the office as well as at home. We are very proud that our small business has donated nearly $500,000 to charities since the Owens Group Foundation began in 1990. The Owens family matches dollar-for-dollar the donations made by our staff.

Each month, a dedicated committee of staff volunteers meets to review worthy causes that have applied for funds. Although we have donated to many of the best-known charities, the committee has consistently awarded money to smaller, local charities with proven track records. We also conduct food and clothing drives throughout the year to assist groups in need of these items.

For 2013, we will initiate a new program to give back to our community. Owens Group will donate 3% of its corporate work time to pro bono consulting for non-profits. Since Joe Ehrlich joined our firm in 2004, we have significantly increased our “due diligence” practice of risk management and insurance consulting for various corporate entities. We will use this model to benefit non-profits which often lack the resources or expertise to undertake such reviews. Based on past experience, these reviews often yield both significant premium savings and coverage improvements. We hope to make a difference by offering these special services on a pro bono basis. If you wish to recommend a non-profit for this program, please contact Bob Owens or Joe Ehrlich directly. We look forward to being of assistance.