Glass Coverage – Full or None?

Full glass coverage has always been a low-cost boon for insurance consumers. If a pebble cracks an expensive windshield, the insurer arranges a brand new replacement at no cost [no deductible]. In the past, these glass claims never resulted in premium increases. Now, all of that has changed. As most insurers have set up complex, tiered-pricing programs, many more factors can cause premiums to increase. For the first time, we are seeing price hikes for clients who have filed windshield claims. Because these premium tiers have so many different rules, we can never say with certainty how much a premium might increase in the wake of a full glass claim. What we can say is that buying this coverage may no longer be your best deal. It may be prudent for many clients to drop the coverage, if possible, and pay such claims, if they occur, out of pocket with the premium savings.