Joe Ehrlich participates in Cyber Security Panel

Joe Ehrlich, Executive Vice President of the Owens Group, participated in a June 4, 2015 panel discussion focused on cyber security.  The panel, called Private Equity & Cyber Security, was presented at Duane Morris as part of the Dealmakers Breakfast Series.

Among the interesting insights discussed at the conference were:

From Sandy Jeskie, “After a breach, your first call should be to your attorney.  Not only will she help guide you through the complicated legal and regulatory framework, she can also allow you to conduct your investigation under the veil of attorney-client privilege.”

From Mike Pappacena, “To protect your data, you not only need to insure that your systems are adequate, you need to make sure that your suppliers and vendors’ systems are properly protecting your information and data.”

From Shahryar Shaghaghi, “Companies need to strike is balance between security and accessibility.  To do this, they should create a hierarchy of the importance of systems and data and then apply the appropriate level of protection for the various types of data and system.  The most sensitive data/systems should have the best protection.  Other data/systems may require less protection.”

From Joe Ehrlich, “Given the many high-profile (and countless not so high-profile), costly and damaging breaches that we continually see in news, the need for cyber liability insurance is becoming obvious to most businesses.  However, given the dizzying number of different options out there, you should take the time and energy to understand your risk profile and optimize the available coverages to meet it.  If you suffer a breach, you will be happy that you did.”

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