Life Insurance – Second Opinions

Even though Owens Group has been providing cost-effective life insurance solutions to many of our clients throughout our 56-year history, we are always surprised to hear these words from some clients: “I didn’t know you offered life insurance.” For those readers who do not use the services of our excellent Life Division, here are two important reasons to contact Denise Kligman at Ext. 252 or by e-mail.

First, Owens Group does not sell only one company’s products as do agents of Northwestern Mutual and other similar carriers. The ability to offer products from all of the top life insurers allows Owens Group to offer you the most cost-effective policy for your specific age, gender, medical condition and coverage needs.

Secondly, because most people buy life policies throughout their earning years, they usually have several from different companies and/or brokers who may not even be in business today. At no cost to you, we can assemble these in a clear spreadsheet and assist you in evaluating which policies to keep, which to drop or which to tweak. In the right circumstances, a new policy can be substituted, sometimes at no additional cost to you, permanently replacing the many older, less efficient contracts. Spending a little time with us in such a review can be a win-win for you and your family.